Lord Siva « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

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Lord Siva « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1.

While browsing the latest posts from my dashboard, I happened on this blog.   Though I hail from a South Indian Branhim family of Saivites, belonging to Bharadhwaja Gothram, Brahacharanam, though I had been to temples, discourses and always  revered our Gods, saints, Acharyas and elders, I had never grown to be a pious and Godfearing person.  Because of this, and apart from this,  due to my weak personality, lack of convictions  and directionlessness, I never made a name for mself,  never distinguished myself,  not even true grit, I was never the pride of anyone.  Neither was I properly initiated nor properly self taught as an adult, I had been rudderless and anchorless, drifting where life carried me.

Fortunately for me, though I never deserved anything good, I had been blessed with a very ideal wife who was the personification of all that I was not, and with children who acquitted themselves well in all ways.  What is more I received love and affection from my family.  This must have happened to me because there is God whom I didn’t realise.

It is not to say I haven’t been in contact knowledge in divine matters.  Those around me were all good and pious people, and I even had an ascetic Brahmachari in our family,  who lived a hermits life, and who sometimes told me good things.  I could read, write and grasp knowledge well.  It is just that I had never been enlightened  and I had not seen the light at the end of the tunnel even this far in my life.

Just today after completing my earlier posts, I turned to my dashboard and stumbled on the above mentioned post listed in the recent posts, and immensely liked it.  I am going to be a regular visitor to this blog from now on.  I am sure there must be many more hits to this blog already and It doesn’t need my endorsing it, not that my endorsement counts.  That is all I want to say in this post.  I shall return to that blog to continue reading more of it.


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