Diary, July 23, 2007

July 23, 2007 at 11:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Today I found a gem of a webpage which I am pasting here under:


I request anyone browsing this post to please open this link and read the words of a great saintly personality, an excellent article by the most venerable Maha Periyaval. 

Now I continue my mundane post in my usual uninteresting style, because this is just a personal diary but holding no secrets that could embarass niether me nor anyone else.

I showed my hip X ray to the physician  and he continued my medicine for the pain, though I have not felt any relief yet.  Yesterday I had to climb down five floors which caused me acute pain in my lower leg and foot.  I have a mind to take a second opinion from a surgeon.  I am now planning to visit my daughter in New Jersey in October for a two month stay with her there, and I don’t want to carry my pain with me.

Rupa strongly suggests to me to go for regular evening walks so that I can accustom my feet to get used to withstand the pain and in the bargain it may even alleviate the pain.  I shall start a half an hour’s walk from now on.

I have paid the Visa fees and also obained an interview appointment on September 7th.  I have sent an offline message to Chitra to block the tickets and send the details to Raju, and also to send proofs to be subnmitted to the Visa authority.

The general physician assured me that my sugar level is now normal, and I have started to include sugar intake in my diet.  Next month when I go for a medical check up, I will check my sugar level once again.

I have  senior acquaintances who have learnt to live with their sugar problem, but I want to avoid it and also to lose the leg pain before I go visiting my daughter.  I want to just grow older without the accompanying health problems.

There has been no rain since past few days and there is bright sunshine.  We have acquired  a few more flower plants including roses in different colours and also so ornamental plants.  Our lawn is now more colourful, but it needs regular watering.  Hopefully the colony gardener will help us to maintain the flowers and the lawns in good condition.

Raju is getting busier and busier and Rupa and Raju never take leave except the Saturdays and Sundays.  While I am away, God willing, in October, they are also planning a few days off white water surfingfor a couple of days or so in the North.

 They are looking forward  to this adventure very eagerly, and I wish “Vaya con Dios” to them. 

I was regularly phoning  to my sister Lalitha, Annapoorni and Soundaram to update information about their welfare.  Karthik has now gone to Dubai on a permanent working visa, and hopefully next year moving his wife and kids with him when school admissions start there.  I am also in touch with my uncles and aunts regularly.  I talk to my cousins and nephews less often. 

I will be making a trip to Madras in September for the Visa Interview, and will hopefully fly to New Jersey in October of everything is all right.  Chitra will mother over me for two months and will accompany me back to Hyderabad in December for a few weeks’ stay with me.

I think I will stop today’s post now, have a wash, light the lamp and communicate with Kala for a few moments and say my prayers.  Vaya con Dios. 



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  1. Appa,

    You will go to the US in all your good health.. Stay positive and think everything is ok.

  2. Thank you, Rupa.

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