Postscript and P.P.S.

December 23, 2006 at 9:06 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I thought that when I come to the end my blogging endeavour at some  distant future, I will bring out a book of My Reminiscences.  You know it is easy to dream  but I shudder to think what any publisher worth his salt  will think.  Probably it will hit the  trash bin before you could wink twice.  I will dream on anyway.  Every one is free to his own whims and fancies and castles in the air.

There is a far-fetched possibility though.  If some great intellect with a sense of humour finds these nuggets interesting in a twisted sort of way –  it is not always nuggets of gold, you know  –  and in a weak moment endorses it, it may find favour with a sceptic publisher, leaving  my endorser to regret his blunder when it is much too late and the harm is  already, irreversibly  done to society.

Anyway I am afraid  these  reminiscences will never see the light of day in book form. But as they say, if some things can be dreamt, they may also be realised. 

P.P.S:  I do not write from any notes nor did I do any research.  All this is done ex- tempore and hence I crave pardon if any slip ups  are there.





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