Friday, June 29, 2007.

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The last two days were pleasanter, and last night it was very windy.  Electricity was also erratic.  Today it is cloudy.  If it is cloudy the weather depresses you, and you don’t feel like working at all.

Raju and Rupa left for office around 9 in the morning.  Rupa will be perfecting her driving skills in the next few days.  Chitra chatted with me for around ten minutes.

 My cousin’s daughter delivered a baby girl and mother and daughter are healthy.

Another day to go  before I leave for Madras.  We are all getting older and old age brings other health problems to most of us.  Life is like a train journey.  We all travel to our destinations and part from others.  The train goes on and on but passengers change.  For me personally life is becoming more and more boring.  It is not just physically  boreing, but your spirit too becomes tired.  You become more and more isolated from others.

We come to this world alone and when we leave we are lonely.  We do not know what happens to our spirits.  My personal experience after Kala’s passing away is a total estrangement with her because I feel she has taken away all her memories erasing everything of our 35 years of life from my memory.  I don’t know ehrther her soul has transmigrated to another corporal body to be born and live life again on this earth.  Where her memories were in my heart, there is only a sad emptiness now.

I am sure how the others who were associated with her, –  her father, her siblings, and her close relatives, relive her memories.  I am sure they all think of her a lot more than I do, the heartless me, because they have human feelings. 

My bags are packed and my tickets are in my pocket, and I am starting to get edgy.  For the first time I am travelling by Third A/C.  I am not used to A/C during sleeping time and I don’t know whether I will freeze or will get muscular catches.  I am the worrying type.  Hopefully Raju will drop me at the Railwa y Station tomorrow.  I am not sure about
Tuesday when I return.  If  he wakes up early and is in a mood, I will get picked up; otherwise I will come away on my own.   


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