Diary, July 6, 2007.

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I had been there and done it.  I completed my trip and am back .  I was invited to go over to Pondicherry to stay there briefly.  I left Hyderabad on the 30th evening and travelled for the first time by air conditioned sleeper coach.  As I am unused to sleep in A/C, I was dreading the unaccustomed coolness and it did affect me.  I had cramps the whole night and had quite a dsturbed sleep.  Soon as I alighted, I went to the Bus Terminus at Koyambedu and promptly the bus started for Pondicherry.  It was comfortable and the warmth of the day acted like balm.  I was met in the Pondicherry Bus Terminus by Rupa’s father.  I was a bit tired and under weather, and conditionally surrendered to the  affectionate command to spend my whole time in Pondicherry and return to Hyderabad directly via Madras.  By morning I was quite refreshed and regained all my energy.  I expressed my wish to proceed to Madras immediately and was permitted so.

I caught a bus to Madras around 10.30 in the morning on the 2nd July.  I got down in Tiruvanmiyur, and after fixing up the total fare for a big round trip of visits, visited my cousin first.  I saw his cute little nascent granddaughter.  Mother and child are healthy and happy.  After spending around half an hour, I was on my way again.  I visited maternal aunt and uncle’s homes, spent a few minutes with them, and then was on my way to my sister Soundaram’s house.  She is passing through health problems and domestic worries.  I gave her a few minutes’ companionship and solace.

I then visited my youngest sister and her family.  My nephew is awaiting the receipt of his permanent work visa shortly and so was also around.  I met them all and the kids.  Then I rode to my uncle’s home and sat with them for a few minutes.  I chatted merrily with my nephew Deepak who is resting after an unfortunate accident.

Therefrom I rode a long time and reached Annapoorni’s house and it was already past 6.30 in the evening,  and I was already late for the wedding reception which I aimed to attend there.  I settled the autorickshaw fare and sent the driver off.  I freshened up, had a coffee, changed into fresh clothes and rode to function place.  I was happy to meet my friend and his family after a few years, and all of them looked happy and satisfied.  The recently married son whose wedding reception it was, looked quite fetching in a good suit, receiving guests .  His sisters have grown up well shod and well clad, and there was happiness on all faces.

While returning to my sister’s home for the night, I was suffering too much pain in my hip joint which was troubling me for quite sometime now.  I sat and chatted with my sister and brother in law, and I even had a little treat.  I rested well during the night.

The next afternoon I started for home.  My sister and brother in law accompanied me to the Railway Station, put me in the compartment, and took their leave.  The return trip was more comfortable and I made full use of the woolen blanket provided by the railways.  All except one were males in m compartment.  The only girl sat opposite me and I picked up a little conversation with her.  She seemed quite intelligent and I learnt that she is a Post Graduate in Economics and gainfully employed.

The fourth morning early around 5.30 we reached Secunderabad.  By the time I was out of the Railway Station and came to its entrance gate, Raju was on time, as we correlated our timings, and I was home before 6.30, and Rupa was ready with my sugarless c offee.

The next day I went to the Hospital to consult an orthopaedic surgeon.  He said I will have a slow recovery.  He prescribed a tablet and an ointment.  Now I am back to my regular routine of browsing and channel flipping.


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