Diary, July 30, 2007.

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These days even my diary entries have become few and far between.  This time, it is after a week that I am writing another post.

I had been getting acute pain in my hip and right foot, and when it was getting a bit too much for me to keep it to myself, I blurted it out to Rupa and she spoke to Raju who cast about to find another medical opinion.  Good for me, the father of one of his staff members happens to be a senior consulting physician.  The good doctor gave a date for my consultation and accompanied by Rupa, I visited the doctor.

I was advised to  undergo physiotherapy, namely lumbar traction and short wave diathermy, which was initiated in that hospital, and I was advised to continue the same for ten days at a place nearer my home, and to report to the doctor after that.  I would then be expected to go for a comprehensive medical check up.

I located a physiotherapist nearer and started the treatment.

The world is not waiting for me to catch up and things are happening.  I hard a sad news of a young life having being lost in an unnecessary incident.  A good samaritan provided me with some liniments, a heating cum cold pad, and a gadget for relieving pains.

I also heard that a wedding is going to take place in a relative’s family in August.  And my sister Annapoorni’s grandchild’s Upanayanam is going to take place somewhere around that date.  I will try to accommodate these occasions in my itinerary when I visit Chennai for my Visa Interview.

I now look forward to my visit to Chitra in New Jersey.  Hopefully I would have shed all my temporary physical inconveniences so that I can enjoy my stay with her and make Chitra happy too.  I plan to fly out on the 15th Oct. and be back accompanied by Chitra around Christmas.  She will hopefully stay in Hyderabad for perhaps 20 days with a few sorties thrown in for a good measure.

I will write my next post sometime in my own ambling way.


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