Diary, Wednesday, June 27, 2007.

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I have a new acquaintance who has come over to his son’s place for a brief stay.  He is a senior gentleman of 80, and has lived life full well.  Though affluent and influential, he is a nice company in whom I found unreserved friendliness and a good talking companion.  He has moved in high circles and is very world wise.  He is full of sense and he is an interesting conversationalist.  He could engage you in a wide spectrum of subjects and with telling effect.  He will be returning to his own place shortly and I will miss him.

I have recently watched two movies on my computer and went to the theatre with my people to watch Rajinikanth’s  Sivaji in telugu.  It must have been technically high standard but the movie didn’t impress me like Rajinikanth’s earlier movies.  His charisma was missing and I only saw artificiality.  His piercing eye effect was not there.  Basha is my all time favorite  and his other films like Muthu, Chandramukhi were all a lot better.  This is strictly my own opinion and I am not the best judge.

Raju is now a Business Manager and  it will be a challenging time for him in the next few months. He is equal to the situation and I am sure he will acquit himself and excel too.

Another two days to go and then I will be off to Madras for a brief visit.  I will have a hectic time visiting my sisters, cousin, uncles and aunties, and also attend a wedding reception which is my main reason for this trip.  As usual I have packed my bag over ten days ago, and I will  reach the railway station at least an hour or so early to avoid tension.

My blood sugar level come back to normal though I continue to take all the tablets.  And I avoid sugar in my coffee, eat more of wheat preparations than of rice, cut down cooking oil consumption.  I don’t use ghee at all.  But generally people advise me not to forgo  everything and to include some sweet also in my diet.  I am being a bit cautious.

Keeping in touch with Chitra.  Rupa manages home and career well.  She keep posting Blogs regularly.


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