Diary, Saturday, June 23, 2007.

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Almost a fortnight ago, I was instructed by the physician to take blood and urine test, and it turned out that I had excess sugar in my blood.  This information put me off considerably and I was really miserable worrying how I can give up all my snacks, oils, butter and sugar.  However, I exercised iron will, stopped sweetening my coffee, cut oils and ghee from my diet, shunned raw rice.  Ten days of austerity had a telling effect.  This morning I had the review test reports with me and showed to the doctor and he was surprised that I back to normal sugar content, quite normal in fact.

See, from the beginning I was sceptic about the sugar test results and never really believed that my sugar lever has risen so steeply.  As I am getting old, these health problems are bound to pester me.  Till I had the retest results in my hand this morning, I was quite sure that my sugar level will revert back to normal, and I was proved correct.

I will tell you why this happened.  I have told you many times that I am not vry much into godliness.  But my forte is that I love my children very much, and I want to maintain good health so that I can always be of help to them.  This is a kind of auto suggestion which I keep drumming into myself and it has really done me good.

I would say that when some problem gets you down, dont let your spirits sink.  By worrying you are not going to achieve anything.  On the other hand if you have convictions like I have, I think you can overcome problems like this.

It is not to say that I am comletely cured of my sugar problem.  I will not deceive myself that I am immune.  I will give allowance to my age and take suitable precautions and preventive measures so that I can postpone the inevitable to the utmost limites possible in my capacity.

Raju has taken additional responsibilities as he is now the Business Manager for his product.  He will have to work hard and show results by and by.  I have full faith in my children to prove themselves, and I include Rupa too.

Rains have been there continuously here in Hyderabad the whole day.  Elsewhere in the State, rain has played havoc costing loss to life and property.

Chitra skipped an opportunity to go on a trek with friends because she is preoccupied.

I am feeling nausea throughout the day, and I hope this will go after a good night’s sleep.  I have asked Rupa to get me some fruits.

I read about the formation of Hindu Quaida in Nepal.  I don’t know what the world is coming to.

I want to see at least one day where there is no strife, no murders, retributions, hunger, pestilence, natural calamities, etc.  in the world.  That day will be heaven on earth.


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