Diary, June 18, 2007

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I missed Chitra’s long distance call as I had to go out in the morning.  She must have forgotten that I won’t be home even though I had informed her earlier.

I would have to undergo review clinical tests to find out if my sugar level has come under control. So I had to get some funds ready, and also had to pay a visit long overdue.  Hence I went away early morning, completed the financial transaction, made the visit, and returned home posthaste so as not to miss my lunch at the usual time.

another ten days to go for me to go to Madras, and as usual I shall start packing from now on.  Just for three days to be away from home.  I think from tomorrow I will start getting impatient to pack my bag, I am such an anxious gunk.  I always make it a point to reach the railway station at least an hour early before the train departure.  And for the first time in my life I am going to travel in air conditioned comfort because Raju booked me in a Third A/C compartment.  What difference does it make; I will start sweating the moment I step down from the compartment in Madras.

A few days ago I was talking to Sharada and she informed me that Lakshmi was in the middle of a pilgrimage to Tirupathi and other places.  When I called Lakshmi’s mobile, she did not respond obviously because she was in the process of paying her respects to God Almighty in the saqnctum.  She however called me and had a detailed talk and I also got to talk to my co-brother, her husband, Sri Ramamoorthy. 

 A visit is overdue on my part to Delhi.  As a matter of fact I had also planned visiting Poona too sometime this year.  Chitra wants me to go over and stay with her for a couple of months this year.  Raju has informed me that he will go about getting me a visitors’ Visa.  Let us see how the cookie crumbles.

Thank God my mood has ataken a better turn, though my flesh is still weaker comparatively.  I am sure I have lost some weight because of my austerities.  I shall consult the weighing machine today.

Tomorrow I will go to the hospital early, pay the test fees, and give the tests on an empty stomach.  I will come home, consume something and then again go for the post meal tests.  Thus, armed with my results I shall consult the physician the day after, and I shall keep my fingers crossed.  I am sure my penance and sacrifice will have paid dividends, and I would have shed the dead albatross of sugar in my blood and urine.  God have mercy on me and my children.

Raju and Rupa have undergone professional assessments this year, and the results should reflect favourably on their remunerations.  God give them all that they desire, deserve and merit, no more, no less.

I must make a round of trunk calls today to find out that all my kith and kin are healthy happy and cheerful.  I pray every morning that God keep everyone happy and safe. Amen.


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