Diary, June 17, 2007

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Oh, in yesterdays diary I failed to mention that among my relatives, a married daughter now living in the States, is visiting her parents.

These days,crossing an ocean is no taboo for a Brahmin, because their career takes them to the four corners of the earth, like the businessman, merchant, the Bania, who pursues his business to every nook and corner these days.  Why not, nowadays you find a Shastri, Hindu Priest, more than a priest, overseas, to help Hindus to do their Sanskaras without losing a thread.

You have the temple priests, Kovil Gurukkal, flown and settled overseas, to perform the daily pujas and Nivedhyams in the temples over there.  Temple architects go overseas to erect Vimanams and Gopurams.  Our religious heads fly overseas to consecrate new temples, and to perform Maha Kumbabhishekams.

Life is in the fast lane now.  Every moment there is a new invention, a new discovery, an innovation.  There are fast strides in medical research, and DNA is being researched threadbare.

Man strives to be more healthy.    But man never stops to have strifes, wars, retributions, economic sanctions, religious intolerance, racial discrimination, caste politics.

I think peace will come to earth only after all the wars are fought and all the battles are waged,  all the guerilla warfares ceased, terrorism wiped out of human memory.  Despite all this, we humans have the tenacity to carry on and achieve.

Thank God for the philosophers, pacifists and the benevolent souls, who help us maintain our sanity.  And we poor stoic citizens of the world, we easy by, silently doing our duty to society, to our family, procreate, and retire to our nooks when all our duties are done.  We recline in our easy chairs, and meditate and reminisce.

I remember a line from a hymn we sang once :  Oh what is man, that Thou are mindful of him.

Man is a stalwart when compared to only man.  Man is less than a speck on the face of the earth, which is a speck, ok a big speck rotating and revolving around our Sun, which is just a speck of a junior star in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is but a distant haze in the infinity of  Universe.  Like anything else, Universe also will have an inside and outside, and then there will be universes and universes and universes, ad infinitum.  And, Oh, where are you man?


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