Diary 16/6/07

June 16, 2007 at 3:36 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

a lot of things happen. I find from the physician that I have high sugar.  He will review me after ten days when I go for tests again.  Because this will mean that I will forego all my favourites like sugar, fats and carbohydrates, I was crestfallen and under weather for quite a few days.  I consulted Kala and asked her to give me energy and pep again.  I think I am slowly regaining my composure.

There is going to be another trip to Chennai, and this time I will attend the wedding reception of my friend’s son.  This will also give me the opportunity to call on my sisters, uncles and aunts during this flying visit.

Chitra has been insistent that I apply for visa, so that I can be with her by October-November, so that I can stay for a more or more with her and then we shall both return to Hyderabad in December.  Paplu will have a very brief vacation this time, and then by the nest time she visits us , it will be three years over for her in her doctoral pursiit.

There has been a wedding in the family, a close relative had a heart surgery, a boy employed overseas has returned to Madras and found a  local job.  A family friend has shifted residence.

The hottest days are over now, and the rains are slowly getting into the habit.  It is more comfortable with the summer slowly receding.

Thank God the depressive mood has left me now.  I think with the diagnosis of sugar presence in blood, I am turning a page in  my  life.  I had always taken my coffee with at least two spoons of sugar, and I always drank at least  6 or 7 cups of coffee  a day.  Now a full stop for that. I have become used to having  coffee without sugar and it actually feels better in my mouth now, though I hate sugar-less tea.  I have changed over to parboiled rice diet, alternating it with coarse ground wheat preparations and phulka chapathi.  Rupa has even changed my cooking oil from sunflower oil to  gingelly oil.  All my snacks are now  curtailed, to be replaced with biscuits.  Paplu suggested I have rusk, wheat bread, vegetable soup etc.  I will find happiness in what I do.

I hope I will regain all of my activities so that I can be brisk, healthy and happy, and be useful to others.


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