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Every morning you open the newspaper, listen to Radio and watch television and witness happenings all around you.  There are news and news of all kinds and types, good news, bad news, discoveries, inventions, disclosures, mysteries, births and deaths, and on kinds of happenings around the world, the microcosm and the macrocosm.  There are religious discourses, philosophies, mundane regular happenings, and among all this we as individuals lead our lives.  Some of us are just drifters, some with near-sighted aims and objects and some with grand visions, some with just empty dreams and their own castles in the air, grand illusions.  Some are endowed with natural pessimism and some are incorrigible optimists.  Some of us always smile and expect the world to smile with us, always lookign to the good side of life.  And some of us are doomsday prophets, finding and looking for only the dark and dismal things to happen in our life and around us.

Some of are deemed architects of the fate of humans.  Some live for themselves, secretly out of their cupboards dreading every moment.  Some of us have natural drive in us that encourage us on to new heights of achievements.  Some are just happy with what life in its own course has brought to us, our lot, and they just amble through life.

There are responsible types and irresponsible types.  Responsible people can be responsible only for themselves, or responsible to society.  people are of types and types: good, bad, callous, careless, generous, miserly, scholarly, unlettered, motivated, aimless, religious, unreligious, moral, immoral and amoral, virtuous, evil, saintly, satanic, thinking, unthinking, systematic, erratic, punctual, tardy, curious, disinterested, inventive and stupid or plain.

For all people every day is a new chance. A terminal patient surviving a night’s passage gets a renewed confidence in the continuance of life, a loser too, on seeing the dawn hopes things will improve for a change.  A new day is a gift of God.  When you sleep, forget your worries, forgive your enemies, write off your bad debts, and make your mind light.  It is not very easy.  Different people have different mindset, character, inhibitions, ambitions.  Yet when you wake up in the morning, despite the differences, the new dawn gives you new energy, new opportunity, new vigor and new expectations.

 Use each day like a golden opportunity.  A day lost is a day lost forever.  


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