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Wednesday, March 21,2007.8.30 p.m.

Clean Slate.  That’s what we have on our hands now.  A new place of our own, with a new cooking gas connection,  a new Telephone number, Internet connection, new environment, new neighbors, though sparse as of now, a new milkman bringing freshly milked buffalo milk.  Oh,  it is all so different from anything and anywhere we knew ever earlier.   A house wholly owned by Raju, the apple of his eye,  though arranged with full bank loan with a fraction financed by him out of his own resources,  igniting the dreams of Rupa planning for ever bigger and bigger houses in future.  Though our enthusiasm is a bit watered down by the temporary lack of internet connection and telephoneline, the moment Raju and Rupa entered the house, I could discern the gleam of pride and glee in their eyes at the sight of the warmly lit home and the ready meal awaiting to be consumed by them ravenously.  The only way now for me to talk to Chitra now is to ask Raju to send her an SMS so that she can call back from there and talk to us.

Everything is in suspended animation.  All my mails must have piled up in my Inbox,  All the obituaries will be waiting to be read from The Hindu since I last used the Internet, all the regular visitors to my blog posts will have been disappointed at finding no new posts.  The transition will take sometime.  Hope that the net connection will be established in a day or two.  The gas connection transfer has been effected by the new dealer here and we will get the new refill cylinder in a short time, hopefully.

The house really lookks good, like all the other bungalows in our Silver Oak Bungalows Complex.  Almost all the lights and fans are in place.  We have stacked away all the household articles, furniture, furnishings, and the paraphernalia to their appointed nooks and niches, cupboards and lofts, we have centered the cots and mattresses in the respective bedrooms, the PC and Refrigerator conveniently placed near each other, the venetian blinds fixed at the windows, cozy lights brightening up the place and lifting our spirits.  Kala looks at me benignly from her photo frame, just where I could look at her from my bed.   The Builders have still to fix a few loose ends.  For all external appearances, the new house is a work well done.

Rupa’s mother is making her presence felt with her tasty recipes.  How she helped to put the house in order doing the lions share of putting the things in order, with an expert touch and an eye for neatness and elegance.  Her long years of experience are in good stead for us.  Our new domestic help seems to be working well, starting her work and at a stretch completing all her chores and only goes home when she has completed day’s work.  She is also breaking the new housemaid  to her daily chores.

Raju and Rupa have started their office routine, driving to office together for around 45 minutes in the morning and returning home together in the evening.  Chitra calls me daily on the ISD, and I will resume my messenger talk with her once the internet connection is established.

I still have to find my marbles.  Only with the resumption of the telephone and Internet connection, I will be back in my elements.  At present there is power shutdown from 6 to 8 a.m.  The milkman comes at around 6.15. I have my bath before the power shuts down.  I go for a small walk in our housing complex.  It is a walled community and walking from our end to the West Gate and back takes around 15 to 20 minutes.  At around 5 in the morning, I open the valve to fill our overhead tank, switch on the geyser, take my bath, have my morning coffee, complete my walking, and wait for Raju and Rupa to wake up, complete their toilets and be ready dressed for office by around 8.30.  For another ten days I will have Rupa’s mother for company, and after she leaves for Pondicherry (now renamed as Puducheri), I will have the house for myself the whole day.  Drinking water connection is not yet commissioned and hence we get two drums full of Manjira water every day, which is enough for cooking and imbibing purposes every day.  The newspaper man has not yet started delivering my morning newspapers yet.  I have lost a little interest in Television because my main interest is in computer and internet and blogging.  Sometimes I listen to some music in my 3 in 1.  I continue my morning puja routine, praying with Kala’s spirit for the wellbeing of our household and Chitra’s welfare.

It is  hotter here than it was when we stayed in Balkampet.  May be it is just a feeling, but it upsets me a little.  I sweat a little more. Mosquitoes are a little overpopulated here, and the mosquitoes  take undue interest in me.  But it is  silent and serene here.  Our home faces the East Gate and the security guard at the gate is visible if we look out of the window, as we will be visible to him and all others who enter through the gate.  The swimming pool next door is taking shape as also the Club House in the adjacent plot to ours.  Just a handful of owners have moved in in our complex, and most of the time we see only the Security Guards or the workmen and the electricians and plumbers and Supervisors carrying on with their busyness everywhere around us.  There is street lighting in front of our house.

Life is going to be different here.  We have moved in here on an experimental basis, and if the going is good, we shall continue living here.  I don’t think we will lack for anything here.  On the other hand it will be a more healthy and happy life here than ever before.

I wait for the telephone connection to tell all everything. While we were in the process of shifting, there was a sudden hitch and an hour’s suspense and helpless feeling due to a temporary problem, which cropped up suddenly out of the blue, and which was also resolved within an hour’s time.  But the process has set us back by a hefty amount which we felt was unfair on us.   Anyway,we are all happy now and that is what counts most.

P.S:  This is Monday, the 25th March, and I could post my blog only now, at 10.30 p.m., because the Internet connection was given only this evening.  This day is also our wedding anniversary.  Rupa presented to me a DVD which I watched immediately.

I missed Chitra’s phone call today though she had tried to contact us.  I sent her an offline message.  I will write more about our new home in my next post.


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