The Countdown. We shift our residence to Charlapally shortly

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It is going to happen.  This will be a big occasion for us.  We have made a 20 year loan contract with the bank, and the house has been taking shape, at a snail’s pace, as compared to the other bungalows in our complex.  We wait for the finishing touches to be over and the formal handing over of keys.  And with that Raju will be a Deedholder, though pledged,  of a home of his own, and Rupa the houselady, with me tagging on.  Chitra however will not be here in Hyderabad at least perhaps until July.  We will simply light a Deepam,  boil milk, seek blessings of the Gods and elders, evoke Kala’s and my parents’ spiritual presence.  Rupa’s parents are coming from Pondicherry, and Rupa’s mother will stay on for some days with us to guide us to settle down in our own premises.

We will have to get used to the new atmosphere.  Now on, after settling there, Raju and Rupa have to synchronise their office timings so that they can leave for office together in the morning and arrive home together in the late evening.  They have to drive at least 45 minutes each way.  Though it is a blessing that Saturdays and Sundays are holidays, if we have to go to the city centre , we will be spending at least three hours driving.  I have a feeling that our monthly quota of movies may come down to just one  or even no movie some months.  We may perhaps eat out sometime.

The amenities available at present there are sketchy and it is also total  Telugu speaking people we have to meet there.  If you are living in Secunderabad or Hyderabad proper, you can get along with smatterings of Hindi or Urdu, but you will have to improve your Telugu vocabulary in Charlapally.  We will have Tata Wireless phone connection.  As yet we dont know if the promoters have made any arrangements for Internet Connectivity.  We haven’t yet come up with a solution in this matter.  We will have to shift our cooking gas connection.  Inform the post office about the change of address for redirecting any snail mails.  We have to transfer our bank accounts and find the nearest ATMs and Post Office.  We must also scout around to find bus stops, autorickshaw stands.

Our builders and promoters, Modi Properties, also have two more phases of Silver Oak Bungalows coming up.  They have also built a block of flats / apartments near our place.  At some distance the Singapore Housing Project is already coming up.  Charlapally Industrial Estate abuts our complexes, and so the day time traffic of people and vehicles will be busy and the night time traffic will be very thin.  But if the factories and works in the Industrial Estate work in shifts, then even the evening and night traffic of people and vehicles will be there all the time.

We will be experiencing all these too soon now.  We have never yet visited Charlapally either in the early morning or the late evening, nor have we stayed overnight.  The first few days and weeks will be different for all of us.

We can go for long morning walks, play in the game courts, go to the Club House or swim in the Pool next door.  Our balcony looks into the Swimming Pool and the Club House, and the plot behind ours is as yet unallotted.  Its total area is  very big compard to all the other plots, measuring about 450 Sq. Yds.  Our plot measures 266 Sq. Yards, and the building area is around 1,450 Sq.Ft.  As Rupa is learing car driving now, she can also practise driving near our place.  Raju drives quite well, though he is short on patience while driving.

I am dreading the days Chitra will be with us, because she will compel me to take long walks with her.  She will also be watching my bulging midriff with a frown and an accusing finger.  Nowadays everyone is unkind on me, imposing restrictions on my intake of fatty substances and oils.  Lots of dictators around one poor soul.  When I say everyone, I mean Rupa.  I must say I don’t mind these controls, because on my own I can never make such decisions and stick to them.  I have almost stopped having meals in between meals.

Now when we live in Charlapally, whenever we have to go to the Railway Station or occasionally to Airport, we must start more than an hour earlier and reach home equally late when we return.  These occasions will be few and far between.

All said and done life will be pleasanter, calmer, and we will breath cleaner air.  Noise pollution will be less.  I will have more time for introspection when I am in an exalted mood  and  we will all be healthier and purposeful.


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