I liked watching the movie : Bridge to Terabithia

February 18, 2007 at 5:56 pm | Posted in Bridge to Terabithia | Leave a comment

Ever since the moment I heard the name of the movie just a few days
ago, I had been racking the internet to get more information and I got
good leads like a good synopsis written by someone which was detailed
and appropriate (I don’t think I read it in IMDb). After watching the
movie today the 18th Feb., I also searched more and first hit upon IMDb
and read all the comments and liked some.

My own impression of the movie was that it is excellent. Linking it
with Narnia I expected more fantasy. It is definitely not expected to
be understood by very young children though Leslie’s death will sadden
one and all, and the final scene will satisfy their appetite for

I liked best the way children’s characters and their psychology were
handled in the movie. Take for instance one of the bullies whom Jess hits him back is surprised, is otherwise quite a passable character. Janice Avery the bully, with a disturbed home life, ends up being isolated when her father is sent to prison, and who eventually bonds normally friendly with Jess. The Teacher is understanding with Leslie. The music teacher, whose character and relation with Jess are not easy for most people to understand. She and Jess are appreciative of each other, and if it is a crush, it is only one-sided on Jess’ part. The teacher is not perturbed by his adoration and admiration. Jess’ father and his little sister are ideal characters. Jess’ parents and his kid sister are like real-life persons.

Jess pines for the love and affection his parents show on his three sisters. It is heightened when he notices how Leslie’s parents bond with each other and with Leslie and warm with Jess too, his longing increases. Only Leslie’s sudden death is pivotal to a lot of things in the movie. For one, Leslie finds his parents’ affection and sympathy at last, he substitutes his kid sister as his companion in his fantastic imaginations. And the audiences who overly and unjustifiably expected fantasies to happen at every frame of the movie and were slightly peeved, are hit as if with a hammer by the pathos of Leslie’s deat. I am sure there was not a soul in the audience, even the dumbest of them, would have been moved to tears or at least a lump in the throat for even the most stony-hearted. It was the most satisfying moment in the movie, and you come out of the movie hall with a heavy heart, and also fantasizing a little yourself when Jess and his kid sister are welcomed into Terabithia by all the magic denizens.

I went to the movie with my family with high expectations and returned fully satisfied. Never for a moment I lost interest in the movie nor did I doze off momentarily now and then like I used to when going to movies these days.

The time now here is 11.30 p.m. on Sunday, February the 18th.


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