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I am a lay fan of Music, Western and Indian Classic  Genre.  I cannot even distinguish Ragas, nor have I learnt Music of any sort from any school or master, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it.  Music is a Godsend for humanity, who are supposed to have the sixth sense, the discerning capacity.  Music elevates to a higher level of experience, both physical and esoteric.  I listen to Western Classical music from the free downloads from Music Archives  website on the internet.  I do have a few audio tapes of classical Western and of music bands. of the Indian and western varieties.  Today I thought I shall refer you to a few websites that tell you about music appreciation and its finer aspects to the best of my capabilities.  I was browsing

I found the following web page on the internet, about the music thrapy as listed by the Tamil Movie music maestro Ilayaraja:  This site also lists the songs set to Carnatic classical Ragas, composed by him for the movies for which he has set the music and the background scores.

The following is a scholarly presentation by  Silvia Nakkach to be found in the undermentioned website, which gives an exhaustive “into the core of music healing, ancient and new perspectives in musical perception”:  It is a recommended reading of a chapter from Music in Human adaptation (Book) 1997 edited by Dr. Daniel and Judy Schneck, with an opening quoation from Roland Stechel.  This is too exhaustive even to give a synopsis and it is suggested that you open this web page to read it first hand.

I found an article under the heading, “Indian Classical Music – An Appreciation” by Chaitanya L. Koppikar on the following website:

I will conclude this Post with guiding you to a link on the web, which is exhaustive, downloadable,  has notations,  Carnatic Music Audio Class, and streaming audio of the full Keerthanas in Ragas in alphabetical order.  The author of this website is Mr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, an IITian of the Madras cadre, a few years senior batch to my own son, with an highly enviable All India ranking of No.3, and a Full Time Professor.  This is an awesome treasure house for all Carnatic Music Lovers.  Now I have the satisfaction of having ended this Post on a high note.  Please go to the following website to browse and enjoy online:  This is the Carnatic Music Krithi Audio Archive I am referring to.


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  1. Nice post. Concise and informative. I found this site that offers Classics and Devotional songs apart from a wide variety of other songs:

    Check it out!

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