Retirement has whetted my appetite

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Retirement has brought me a lot of benefits beyond my merit. I have only looked at PCs while in service and I was really scared even to go near one; like the telephone whose rings used to startle me when I had a phone near me in the beginning. But when we acquired our own PC exclusively for our use, it used to be my domain when my son and daughter-in-law leafe for their workspots. in the beginning I simply freaked out generally browsing, and when I was initiated into the simple operations and controls, it opened a great vista of knowledge for me, though I must confess I haven’t become a great intellect with its use.

One thing in which I became an expert was in collecting my fvourites which have grown beyond 1,500 number of sites, at a modest count; over a hundred files most of them containing 50 or more sites on an average. Again the analogy of an ostrich gobbling up bright objects compares with this activity, because I have spent most time, only saving to favourites and finding new ones to save, distributing my time chatting on Messenger, browsing my webmails, listening to music, and darting now and then to my TV, making my coffees at least a half dozen times, warming up my lunch and having it, downloading movies and watching them, listening to online music, online radio, browsing paintings and photographs, scanning an occasional travel essays, writing my Posts for my blog, browsing other Blogs, etc. I usually squeeze in my morning prayers and a few minutes of communion in our Puja room, seeking blessings from my parents from their photographs, and locking eyes with my wife’s photo and seeking her approval for my activities and condonements for my transgressions.

One of my most favourite saved files contain Recipes online, and also the sites saved under the file name of Cooking. My wife’s long convalescence and hospitalisation have given me occasions to take care of the kitchen for a few months. I have not become a great cook, not even a moderate cook, but I have learnt making a few breakfast varieties, prepare rice and sambar and some curries. Most of all, I have almost perfected the art of cutting vegetables with a handy serrated knife which has become my most favourite kitchen utility.

Though most of the Recipe websites are familiar to web-surfers, I feel I must share some of my finds with others. This is one of my most precious finds on the net. Though this site links to a lot more Recipe sites, most of which ought to be as good as this, I never tire of this find because of its highly graphic presentation, and the very warm way these recipes are presented therein. This site belongs to Mr. Hemant Trivedi. You should read his “About Me” to learn the warm type of a person he is and his love for cooking and his broad-mindedness in sharing his culinery expertise with one and all. Just by looking at the person in the photograph binds you warmly to him and his recipes are time tested blend of his vast experience. He is no ordinary person, he has travelled widely, gaining first hand knowledge from the world at large and his family upbringing at the core. I have experimented some of his recipes in my own small way. The lady is the best selling cookery author. This is one of the earliest cookery sites I came across because I had been subscribing to their newsletter.

Another great name in the South Indian Recipes Scene is Mrs. Mallika Badrinath. Though I could not find her own website nor her Blog Posts on the web, there is ample mention about her if you search for her on the net. She is widely known in Tamil Nadu and also presents her cooking show every week on some Tamil TV channel. This is another great source of South Indian Recipes. Apart from their own recipes, there are a lot of contributed recipes, and other services too on this website.

When you learn about cooking and recipes you must also know the names of vegetables, grains and pulses as well as fruits and nuts in various tongues. The internet is so handy for all these searches.

One side effect of the internet on me is that I have been weaned out of reading from the print media, with the exception of the daily newspaper. So much so, I have sacrificed all my collected books at the altar of the internet. Though on a long rail journey a book is a very handy companion, be it a periodical, novel or a book of crosswords.

Though I am a loner all my life, I think I can get along with people a lot more easily these days in my September years, all because of the introspection at leisure these days. I had very few friends throughout my life and books have been my companions and how wise and instructive and non-intrusive they were. The microchip will rule the world but the printed media will never disappear from the face of the earth.

Here is an add on to my list of recipe websites  I feel this is a good weblink.  I will keep updating on this post as and when I find good tips.


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