You don’t need to understand Russian to listen to music

February 8, 2007 at 8:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I was searching for Russian Folk Music. Audio, on the internet  and a search page opened and the very first listed was a good find.  I found the website:  I opened the “Collection of  Russian Music contributed by our Readers” and then I clicked on “Nostalgic  Music Collection by Gregory Ofman”, and then I went to the “Great Songs from the Soviet Past”, and what a great vista of Russian songs it opened for me to listen to.  I have saved these to my Audio Favourites.

Internet is a great treasure house of information, written, oral and visual.  I am just now listening to a song from the Movie, Love Story rendered in Russian and I like it immensely.  It is a great educator, as well as corrupter.  Like they the beauty is in the eyes of the discerner.  If you go after good things, you will be satisfied.  If you go astray, then you will first be satiated and then engulfed and drowned.

Once I was downloading a movie with a familiar title which I had already seen on the Television.  When it was completed  i opened to play the movie and found it was hardporn.  As I have no need for any stimulus and as I am already in my sixties having lived a full life, I promptly deleted the file without seeing the trash.  You see, sex and romance are beautiful things but pornography is gross, a thing to be abhorred.  It is  abasement of womanhood and its sanctity.  

I browse a lot of paintings, listen to a lot of internet audio, read a lot of online topical essays, play an occasional  solitaire, do a crossword online now and then, send and receive mails, chat and do that kind of thing with my computer and internet. 


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