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During my graduation one of my subjects was astronomy. Though I could not be proud in my educational performance, the subject has rubbed off on me, like my other subjects Philosophy and Geography. If these subjects seem a strange combination of subjects for a History student, consider my other subject, Physics. I know for sure now that all those last rung students who could not get to choose plum subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Commmerce etc., are assigned to the last category of History, and for want of any other combnation of Minor and Ancillary subjects, they have tossed in the above mentioned subjects. Anyway one of the interests that has stayed with me is that of Astrnomy. From childhood I liked to sleep on the open terrace of our toylike house in Triplicane, and I used to stare at the sky for hours noticing the movements of jets far far away in higher altitudes like specks of light, and rarely the shooting stars which are the meteorites. I remember a very bright shooting star which I saw streaking like a blazing ball with a long blue tail arcing across the horizon one evening in Hyderabad, and luckily before it reached the other horizon I could show it to Kala. It looked as big as a tennis ball at that distance with very bright luminosity and making a great beautiful arc. That was the most beautiful display I had ever so far witnessed in my life.


This site shows the sky as available for view from my hemisphere at the present time. But when my daughter opnes this website it shows her the sky at New Jersey at her current time there. For students and astronomy fans this website may be useful.


Now if you open the above website, you can read topical essays on the Sun, and the Home Page will open a great vista of information, images, essays etc.

http://janus.astro.umd.edu/javadir/orbits/ssv.html. : If you prefer to view an animation of the Inner Solar System, Outer Solar System, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter Belt or the Comets, you open this web page.

http://www.glyphweb.com/esky/default.htm. : This site consists of articles on a variety of cosmic phenomena. You might refer the latest updates and additions.

Do you know that the Earth will be eventually scorched by the dying Sun. If you like you may take a journey of 20 minutes duration and witness spectacular images of solar flares, solar eclipses etc. Please refer the following website:

http://www.michielb.nl/sun/kaft.htm. If you simply continue reading from the first page which is in simple excellent format, you will continue till the death of the Sun in the far off future.

You read Earth News from various print and electronic media. Now read about the Universe Today from the following website:

http://www.universetoday.com/. This is a Weblog dealing exclusively in Space Topics.

http://www.shuttlepresskit.com/ISS_OVR/. : You must have heard about International Space Station. The website had an essay on this topic.

You must have read thatHubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys , is currently not functioning. To learn more about the Hubble Telescope, you may visit the following web site:

http://hubblesite.org/: Now stuents and space enthusiasts may like to build a scale model of the Hubble Telescope. You will get tips from this website to build your own model with the materials from the local hardware and draft stores. This will be essentiallyuseful for the American kids.  This is an interesting, exhaustive site and you can cull a lot of interesting information from here.  I shall continue to let you know about more astronomy websites of interest in due course.


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  1. Nice! 🙂 Lotsa info on astronomy, huh? 🙂 keep writing!!!

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