My daughter’s Violin

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Chitra is the proud owner of a sleek, new violin now and her guitar is now languishing in a corner of her room singing sadly ‘It’s the end of the world’.  Oh, her exotic extracurricular tastes now; she learnt salsa last semester stepping on a hundred toes.  This semester she has elected to learn the gentle martial art of Jujitsu.  She is already into drawing caricature and scaring away people by putting her sketches in Orkut and also in her Blog.  I must admit that her drawing provess has improved because she has been slowly emerging out of her drawing habit of drawing a human face with the help of munerals.  She can draw better eyes now because the right eye and the left eye are the same size nowadays. And her noses are not inverted No.3 anymore.  Shen you read all this, you will surmise she is a moron.  On the other hand, she has done hre Masters in Biotechnology and is now pursuing her research in structural biology (I hope I am correct) at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

A few years back when we were living in West Mambalam, we used to go to Ayodhya Mandapam in the evenings to listen to kacheris.  Raju never accompanied us because he was in his school finals and briskly preparing for his exams.  Chitra however used to accompany Kala and me to the concerts.  She was blissfully unaware of even the names of the instruments though she had a naturally good voice and a good ear for music.  One such occasion, she informed us that the accompanists were playing their ‘Damaram’ and Paanai’ very well, meaning she liked the way they played the Mridangam and Ghatam.  Another time, it was a Mandolin concert by the then boy genius, U. Sreenivas.  We were all supposed to remove our footwear outside the Mandapam but we didn’t notice that little Chitra was still wearing her footwear unawares.  During a break in the concert, all people went to the stage  to congratulate Sreenivas and the young crowds took out their autograph books.  Chitra also  ran to join them for the autograph and when she succeeded to get the autograph, one of the organisers saw that she was wearing her chappals and scolded her royally.  She came back crestfallen, not even feeling happy  she had the autograph.

Chitra has learnt to play single string guitar and practises Varnams and Geethams on it.  Sometimes she plays them to me when we talk on Yahoo Messenger Talk and they are OK.  She likes Western Music too and can sing along many of the tunes when she hears them from Tape or her I Pod.

However she is now the terror of the hostel because she started learning to play the violin.  You know how it sounds when an untutored self-learning violin aspirant starts to put her bow to the villin strings.  However she has promised me that she will try to find a tutor soon, and till then God help  those around her room.  I have confidence in her.  She will slowly learn the rudiments in time, and soon a time will come the violin will go the way of her guitar, giving way to a new fad and fetish.

Seriously, Violin though it is a Western Musical instrument has found a proud place of  in Indian Music arena, both in the North and in the South.  For Karnatic Music Violin and Mridangam are the essential accompaniments for any vocal artist.  The versatility of its utility in Western Classical is equalled amply in Indian too.  Indian Music has found due recognition in the West, Hindustani Classical more so than Carnatic, but our maestros have made a mark internationally too.  For those unaware of the wealth of Indian Classical Music audio available online, the link below will be an eye opener:  There are a lot more Indian classical Music available online as everyone is aware these days.

p.s:  These past three days my mind was blank and so I didn’t dare publish any post.


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