Journeys dont agree with me, or perhaps I am feeling old

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I was away just over a week and I am down with an upset stomach.  From the time I returned home, I was feeling hazy for a day and then the dysentery started.  It drained me for two days and just this morning I feel relieved, though sometimes queazy when my stomach rumbles.  I stayed in bed running to the toilet a dozen times.  That was for two days at a stretch and now I am refreshed.

I am listening now to Serbian Orthodox Spirituality Chantings online which is restful and soulful.  I stumbled upon this website on Mozilla Firefox and promptly saved it to my favourites.  If anyone is interested they can visit this website:

I also like Gregorian Chants and listen to them occasionally.

Two days of strict dieting has whetted my appetitite and sharpened my taste buds.  I chose a big juicy and firm ripe tomato, sliced it, added salt and pepper powder and made short work of it.  I foraged in the kitchen but found nothing  else to crunch and munch.

I haven’t yet made my usual longdistance calls that I used to do after any journey.  They will all be wondering what happened to me.  Of course I talked to Chitra and also contacted her on yahoo messenger.  Chitra is Paplu for us as you might remember, and I don’t have to remind you that she is my daughter.  Chitra said she had been to a Jazz Concert in New York with some friends.

Rupa and Raju possessed themselves of Power Jogging Shoes and started their jogging  from yesterday morning.  And Rupa also started attending her driving lessons from yesterday.  After a month she will be driving expertly through the mazes of Hyderabad.

And the carpenter came to collect his advance to undertake the cupboards work in our Charlapalli house, and hopefully he will complete all the work by the end of February.  We also expect the house to be handed over to us  shipshape by then, and Godwilling, we will be shifting to Charlapalli in March.  I must at least learn to ride Raju’s KB100. Otherwise I will be left without any form of conveyance once we move there.  I am sure Raju will insist that also learn driving.  Just imagine me driving a car!  I have this habit of waiting for people to move ahead of me and I am sure I will be left standing at the same spot letting others move ahead.

I asked Chitra to plan ahead for her visit home.  She has to sit for a qualifying exam., after which she will be free for a few days to come to Hyderabad.  I also told her to wait for my visit to her place at a future date when the three of us, Raju, Rupa and I, can coordinate and make a short trip to the U.S. to be with Paplu for sometime.  That will mean to save enough for the trip and and some more, and that will take some time.

In the meanwhile I am getting tired of travelling.  Perhaps this is a passing feeling because this trip affected me badly.   Anyway I will think twice before undertaking the next trip.  As a matter of fact there are two trips on my cards, one to Delhi to see Kala’s people, and another to Poona.  Sometime later I might travel once again to Madurai.  Anyway these are only plans now.


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