I await my birthday stoically

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I have to wait four months for the world to remember my birthday, May 14.  My star sign is Taurus the bull.  I am a descendent of Rishi  Bharadhwaja, and I am of the Brahacharanam sect.  Beyond this I cannot tell anything much to prove that I am of a Brahmin extract, I cannot even say the Abhivadaye.  I wear my sacred thread, to denote that I am twice born, and my religious forehead mark is the viboothi.

  I am a Saivite, our parents accepted the Kanchi Achaya of the Shankaracharya Mutts in the South.  This is distinct from the Mutt of the Sringeri Acharya.  Kanchi Mutt was not established originally by Adi Sankaracharya, but the two mutts are equally venerated by Sankara Devotees, though the allegiances are distinct.

My father may have once been following his religious regulations but as observed by me he had never been very orthodox.  On the other hand my father in law remains totally orthodox to this day.  I have lived with my maternal grandparents for around  10 years, and my father had always been doing his religious observances, having only a tuft of hair at the top of his head, which we call kudumi.  I had never been very comfortable in his company in my early school days though my nephews used to play with him pulling his tuft etc.

I have not seen my paternal grandfather, he having passed away even as early as when my father had been a small boy.    My Madras years were spent in grandmother’s house until my father got his transfer from Chtitaranjan to Madras, when we started to live in our own smaller house.  So I don’t have any first hand information about my grandfather, though I have been told he was an  Engineer, had his own charriot and was a dashing man. 

Now I am running towards my 62nd birthday which only reminds me to take things easy.  So I take everything easy, laughing a lot, ingratiating myself with everyone, sometimes actually feeling that I am laughing a little too much at times.  But my mirth is not forced. Recently I read somewhere that too much happiness is also a symptom for something else, I cannot say what; I didn’t read completely.

I don’t get upset easily these days, but I must say I have almost no tensions aand pressures these days, living a life of ease and comfort.  I dont feel too possessive about things.  Otherwise I would not have disposed off those hundreds of books I sent away for next to nothing.  I should say that I am getting more detached, without losing interest in my own immediate family.  I will count each morning a new blessing, and I will linger and watch a child at play a butterfly flutter by, or an airplane passing at a distance going for a landing at the nearby airstrip.

Actually I am not feeling aged but  my past is catching up with me and sending feelers of small discomforts  to slightly upset me now and then.  I don’t ignore my body’s symptoms and warnings and I consult the doctor once a month regularly.

I hope to see many more of my birthdays to happen to me.


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