How to publish your works even if you are mediocre or uninitiated

January 13, 2007 at 12:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Well.  That is what I am doing and I am grateful I have a random readership, at least by those that gawk at how such ramblings and unconnected material find their way into published domain.

See, God created The Web for the sake of people like me and scores of others, who have been hesitating all their life wondering how to make a start, without really making any effort.  You cannot just dream and wait for things to happen.  Intellectuals have urged us to dream on, but they didn’t tell us work towards realising that dream.  When your food put on a platter before you, you have to make yourself eat it up.

They say that if anything can occur in a dream, then it can become a reality.  Take for instance flying.  Man had always dreamt of flying like a bird.  The dreaming man still dreams on, but it is only the achievers and go-getters who accomplish and achieve these goals.  So much so, man doesn’t just fly like a bird, he flies far far better, faster, safer, more comfortable.  Man wanted to make machines work for him.  The dreamers dreamed on, and the go-getters have made the dream possible.  We are in the machine age, and we are moving into automotion age very very fast.  Space travel is a fait accompli and man had set foot on the moon, which some people still don’t believe possible.

All writers are not scholars.  Most people haven’t even been to school, or were school drop outs, or those who started their formal education later in their life.  It is life’s experience and a desire to tell others what is working in your mind, what is already written about by others, and what you see, hear and experience subjectively over a period of time, all these give one the urge to start putting his ball pen to paper or punching the keyboard or talk into a voice recorder.

Once you start writing, it is shaky in the beginning, directionless and even meaningless, and it emerges in fits and starts.  As you go on, the urge becomes an obsession, you gain confidence and a steady tempo, and then you start researching new avenues to collect material for your writings. I do not know and haven’t made the effort to know how a successful writer must compile his material for the abstract, develop details, add anecdotes and incidents, digress and return  without losing the thread, etc.  I feel that if it is in your mind you can record it in writing and publish it – all with a little self confidence and an occasional pat on the back  from sympathetic passers-by.

Moral:  Dream on.  But wake up and work towards realising the dream.


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  1. Hi uncle…….Very inspiring piece, thank you.

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