A song remembered

January 13, 2007 at 3:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I have packed my bags, got my tickets confirmed and ready, and I got my presents cash and kind  secured in niches inside my tote bag.  This is Saturday and it is past 8.30 in the evening.  I am drowsy on a full stomach, sitting in front of my pc on the edge of the chair uncomfortably.  I was just browsing some latest posts and suddenly had this urge to write the post this moment.

Even for one in the weary evening of one’s life, a trip is always invigorating.  You meet interesting strangers with different mannerisms, hear the sounds from inside the compartment and from the Railway Stations with their hawkers, stalls, the announcements, and the hustle and bustle of activity.  The slow acceleration of a train leaving a station, settling to a steadyclickety-clack, the Train Ticket Examiner on his rounds, the brief  interesting bonding with fellow passengers, eating your supper with nobody to serve if you are travelling alone.

Long long ago, I learnt a few songs from my guitarist room mate, and a few of them I knew the lyrics too.  I recall one of those songs now, and the lyrics go like this:

Going home, I can’t wait for the day when I’ll be on my way

Coming home; pack my bags, buy tickets for my trip,

Put presents in my grip, comin’ home.

It’s age since I left for this far off land

When we said our goodbyes and I held your hands;

when you tried to smile and hide your tears;

when you meant to be brave and conceal’d your fears.

And I long for the things I left behind, these pictures in my mind

are the same; are the same; are the same.

There is this other song, a mood song, which I was fond of humming once in a while:

Sitting in my loneliness as happy as can be;

Thinking of the world, how happy they can be.

Why can’t they feel the way I feel;

it’s just the same, dont be a fool.

I care not the world to see, I’ll be just me;

no loves  no troubles; I’ll be as I feel.

No sadness and worries by my stone;

I don’t want the world, I’m alone.

Sitting here and lonely, as happy as can be;

sad as sad can be, but I’m happy still.


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