The Divine Life Society

January 7, 2007 at 2:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I am not a stranger to the Society’s website though I haven’t seriously dabbled in it so far.  This morning I registered online and started my spiritual diary.  I know I am totally handicapped to deal with this heavy task of maintaining a spiritual diary, but the launching of my own blog has heartened me toapproach this vast treasure house of knowledge on spiritualism and divinity.  I am an inadequate and less than perfectly faceted human being, in need of a lot of spiritual cleansing to be undergone to at least approach the realms of spirituality and divinity without trepidation, inhibitions etc.

I am learning to be truthful, peaceful, purposeful,  punctual, austere and whatever I had not been ever before in my life.  Only when I started filling the spiritual diary I could realise my inadequacy and emptiness and uselessness to myself and others of the society.  Though I was born into a good family of great values, on my own I didn’t any appreciable qualities and wandered through life without aim, purpose or object.  I hold myself totally responsible for mystate of being.  But I realise there is only one way for me to go; to go up; because I am at the bottomline.

Though I have not lived a creditable life, I am somehow blessed with goodness all around me.  I had a wife who was everything a man can ask for in a life partner.  She was my companion, guide and directed my life without which I would haveended up somewhere I cannot even dream about.  She gave me good children who are good to me, too good to me. I live a carefree life now, giving my services totally without holding back anything only for their well-being .

I hope to draw inspiration and encouragement from my spiritual diary and I am going to gain wisdom and guidance from the online information provided by the Divine Life Society.


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