My intrusive habit

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Recently I have been posting heavy personal history and I thought I will have a breath of fresh air, and today I am relaxing and taking it easy on squeezing data from my memory, and be a little less taxing for those visiting my blog .

I have this intrusing habit of making local calls and trunk calls, phoning to friends and relatives.  Irritating and  inconvenient as it may perhaps for those with whom I talk, I do this to ensure everything is well at their end, and also to pay my respects to my elders and to wish well to my equals.  So much so that they miss my calls on occasions like festivals and other important occasions like New Year etc.

With most of them I can chat  on the internet which also I do, but some of them elders are scared of the computer, having spent their active years in a computerless world.  But for those who are conversant with the usage of computer, it is a fountainhead of knowledge, information and entertainment.  It is not to say that computers have overshadowed the other media like Newspapers and Magazines, Radio and Television.  They coexist with the computers and actually they are complementary to each other.

We still like to turn the pages of a newspaper or scan articles from a magazine.  Soon TV and Internet will be amalgamated totally thus dispensing with the use of TV totally for some.  Yet you can not lie down in your bed and use your computer in a relaxed manner; a laptop does compensate to some extent, but a TV is a TV and a Computer is a Computer.  They have distinct identities.  The Radio on the other hand is different because it is the common man’s companion.  You can play the radio in one room and roam around the house and still listen to the programmes.

Life is now in the fast lane.  But it has not affected the passage of time.  Only after 60 seconds tick by,  do you have one minute and after 60 minutes only you have an hour.  Time is changeless.  Time well spent is time gained, but time fritted away is time lost and no amount of ruing over it will get back to you your lost time.

For a growing human being, time adds youth, pleasure and knowledge.  For a person who has reached his forties and those who are in excellent health, their fifties, the ticking of clock takes away a second, one second at a time, and time moves on inexorably, adding age and sagacity and maturity as a general case.

I will wind up this post with an incident.  One Sunday afternoon while I was returning home under the hot sun, a small boy was riding a bicycle with a drunk man seated behind him.  The bicycle grazed against me and I asked the boy to take care.  This infuriated the drunk and he immediately got down, rushed towards me and started punching me. I was in my fifties and he was a rough type in his thirties.  He had the advantage of stamina. When I could take no more punches, which opened the skin on my forehead and lower lip, I dealt him a technically correct upper cut to his neck.  It connected well, but my punch carried no punch.  So he dealt me a few more punchesand with a few expletives went away again.  I never remembered the hurt and humiliation later but only that I had dealt him a technically correct upper cut.  Ha Ha Ha.


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