Lord Siva « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

January 3, 2007 at 11:04 am | Posted in Lord Siva | 3 Comments

Lord Siva « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1.

While browsing the latest posts from my dashboard, I happened on this blog.   Though I hail from a South Indian Branhim family of Saivites, belonging to Bharadhwaja Gothram, Brahacharanam, though I had been to temples, discourses and always  revered our Gods, saints, Acharyas and elders, I had never grown to be a pious and Godfearing person.  Because of this, and apart from this,  due to my weak personality, lack of convictions  and directionlessness, I never made a name for mself,  never distinguished myself,  not even true grit, I was never the pride of anyone.  Neither was I properly initiated nor properly self taught as an adult, I had been rudderless and anchorless, drifting where life carried me.

Fortunately for me, though I never deserved anything good, I had been blessed with a very ideal wife who was the personification of all that I was not, and with children who acquitted themselves well in all ways.  What is more I received love and affection from my family.  This must have happened to me because there is God whom I didn’t realise.

It is not to say I haven’t been in contact knowledge in divine matters.  Those around me were all good and pious people, and I even had an ascetic Brahmachari in our family,  who lived a hermits life, and who sometimes told me good things.  I could read, write and grasp knowledge well.  It is just that I had never been enlightened  and I had not seen the light at the end of the tunnel even this far in my life.

Just today after completing my earlier posts, I turned to my dashboard and stumbled on the above mentioned post listed in the recent posts, and immensely liked it.  I am going to be a regular visitor to this blog from now on.  I am sure there must be many more hits to this blog already and It doesn’t need my endorsing it, not that my endorsement counts.  That is all I want to say in this post.  I shall return to that blog to continue reading more of it.



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  1. thank you sir
    i am indebted to you , being a muslim by birth an indian from my karmic and dharmic of my ancestral heritage , i feel hinduismis also my cultural inheritance as much as yours.. we have to learn live and let others live.
    blod has no religiosity, but huanness and the same as tears we shed when we are in pain..
    you are a gifted person to be able to go beyond my ethos of a incorrigible blogger…
    hari om
    firoze shakir..
    the problem is we all in a hurry but seldom touch home..

  2. I am sorry to observe you have really deleted your wordpress blog. More so because I have not completely browsed your posts which I had marked for leisurely casual perusal. I am however glad to note that your son is creating an exclusive website. Do let me know so that I can keep in touch with you. I am deeply moved by your connecting to me all because of my one time comment on one of your posts. God bless you, Sir.

  3. You both are such intelligent individuals
    i have read some of Firoze Shakir s poetry really innovative

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