Chromepet. Our Cute Little Home

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We lived in Chitlapakkam area of Chromepet, and our home was equidistant from Tambaram Sanatorium and Chromepet Railway Stations, and we were well connected to and away from the city by good roads. Ours was a calm area. We had a good environment and infrastructure.

our home was quite tiny. We had to climb a small staircase. There was a tiny balcony and a small open area in front of our main door, with the wash area and the toilet situated outside the house in this space. Enter our small hall, to the right was the bath cum toilet, and the kitchen, and to the left was our cosy bedroom.

We were one among about seven tenants living in that big house, owned by Mr. V. Nagarajan, Manager (Retd.,), Canara Bank, who was living with his brother and sister. Mr. Nagarajan is Kala’s cousin, once-removed.

We kept friendly relationships with Nagarajan and his kin and with our co-tenants. Kala and I were great ones to visit my relatives and her relatives, and our daughter accompanied us mostly. Durng these visits Chitraused to cling to me like a leech and never used to leave my side even for a moment. Though kala spent more time with children than I did, yet Chitra was more attached to me. Her love, affection and dedication to her mother became apparent and quite visible during Kala’s hospitalisations.

Our life was hectic and demanding and yet it was sweet. Once Raju entered IIT he become more a friend and equal to me. He was more attached to kala.  We got along well with houseowner, the co-tenants, and we had another family living on the second floor of that house.  They were Gowri and Krishnamoorthy, with their two daughters, Asha and Usha.  Krishnamoorthy was sick and could work no more and it was Gowri who earned their keeping and sustained the family.  She is related to Kala, and her children were nice children.

Krishnamoorthy was in deathbed and kala stayed with Gowri to give her moral support.  After he died  they faced life bravely, and continued to live in Chromepet for some more time and then shifted their residence to Tambaram.  I used to meet them once in a while.  The children were good students and got good marked and obtained their Graduation.  The elder girl has landed a good job now and they are leading a comfortable life.  The younger girl is pursuing a business management course sponsored by her elder sister.  I wish the family all success in life, and bless the children to marry good husbands and prosper in life.  Amen.

Another family who lifed in that house is that of a nonagenarian who I suppose is  the living head of the family though he lost his life mate just a year back.  He liked Kala and Raju and always blessed Raju and Chitra, and had a soft corner for our family.

Chromepet was a warm place.  We had a well in that house which was always brimming with water almost upto the ground level throughout the year.  I don’t know if it is still so full.  The only person to suffer while we lived there was Kalabecause of the complex and cumulative health reasons.  I visit Mr. Nagarajan every time I go to Madras.


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