Our life in Chromepet

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Our life in Chromepet had its good points and negative points.

Raju was away in Delhi and used to visit us whenever he had holidays. While he was in his final school years, he never liked biology and was uninterested in the subject. We even had to meet his Biology teacher to promise her that we will ensure that he gets to be attentive in class and do well in Biology as well as he was doing in other subjects. He did do very well in Biology after that.For whatever reason he opted to do M.Tech. in Biotechnology, perhaps because he wanted to be totally on his own in Delhi. However, he was giving less attention to his performance and when he could tolerate biotech any longer, he took the entrance exam for IIT once again, improved his ranking with a huge jump of 500 to be in the first 300-400 ranks. Thus he joined IIT Madras for his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and passed out in 2000.

He attended campus interviews, aiming to enter leading companies like Shlumburger and actually attended an interview in Volvo. He eventually was offered a post by Yasu Technologies Hyderabad, and took up the offer, and joined in 2000.

Chitra completed her school years from Sri Narayana Mission School and joined her B.Sc. in Chromepet, cycling her way to college everyday. She cleared her graduation with good credits too. She attended coaching classes for IIT entrance, and with a gap of one year preparing for her IIT entrance and nursing Kala during her hospitalisation which continued from Chromepet and Hyderabad, she ultimated joined M.Sc. in Biotechnology in IIT Roorkee. For her entrance exams, we once went to IIT Bombay, and then IIT Roorkee to attend her counselling. Raju took her to Roorkee when she had to register there and join the course.

I continued my city job , travelling to Madras by train and returning home late in the evening, sometimes very lates and even had to stay there overnight when we had office meetings and house parties. Those were the days I was seeing to less of family welfare. Kala was in full charge of the children, attending to all household necessities, and the general running of the house.

Kala had unbroken service record, starting her service with Tablets India Limited in Madras, then in Maraimalai Nagar at their factory in Maraimalai Nagar, and later at the same premises but under the banner of Chemcrown who had taken over the works from Tablets.

When she had developed health problems due to various reasons, she bade goodbye to her job as Laboratory Chief, and took up a clerical job at a much less salary. She joined Chevro Leather Manufacturers In Madras.

This was when she had complex health problems, with dcotors diagnosing her problems in various ways. She was told that her legs were swelling due to elepnantiasis, that she had TB in her bones, that she had chest problems, etc. No two different doctors’ diagnosis ever agreed. And, after several clinical tests and examinations, she still had severe pain in her legs and knees.

She started consulting Doctors at a city hospital. She was diagnosed as having Rheumatoid Arthritis (Polyarticular),  and a total knee replacement was done on her right knee. This was in 1999. There is a big story behind this surgery, which I will narrate in my future posts.


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