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I will elaborate on my days in the service of Suraj Agencies. My eldest brother in law, Mr. T.V. Lakshmikanth, who passed away a few months back, recommended me to Mr.

Karnik and I was appointed as the filing clerk and typist. It was s small set up, with me, Mr. Karnik and his stenographer Ravi, as constants, while a number of people entered, stayed and moved on from the post of sales reps. I remember Mr. Karnik’s family, consisting  his wife and their small child.Karnik .   Theirs was a love marriage, I heard.

The reps were a colourful lot, each with a different character.  One man with his ulcers and stock of biscuits to feed his ulcer;  Another who was also a qualified chef.  Once I met him with one of former Catering Institute colleagues.

Another Rep. drifted in and out of our company as a Sales Rep.  I heard him mention that his father was a scientist with C.L.R.I.  He plain hated the work and made a quick exit.

One other Rep. was also an accomplished drummer.  Once when I had been to his house, he told me he had already made his first saving of a lakh of rupees, a big sum in the Seventees.  He was friendly and cheerful.   Another Rep., who was also a personal friend of Mr. Karnik.  He was a very humorous and friendly person.  Another Rep.  was the one who was  sharp and shrewd.

We had a Stenographer with us,  who hailed from Kerala. He was fond of the Hindi movie song “Chalte, chalte, meri yeh geet yaad rakhna’. He had an escapade with a girl from his native place whose acquaintance he renewed. She was slightly elder to him but he had an infatuation for her and he ended taking advantage of her. He was also a cool operator because he used the office phone to keep in touch with a friend in Calcutta and eventually landed a steno’s job there and left us to join a company in North India, which he managed through his unofficial trunkcalls from our office telephone.

It was during my tenure with Suraj Agencies that I married Kala.  All my office staff working with us then and the manager himself, attended our wedding, in separate batches.  Almost all of Kala’s office friends were present at the wedding.  All of Kala’s relativers and my relatives graced the wedding to bless us.  More about  my marriage in my forthcoming posts.


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