Back to square one.

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So I was bundled and sent to Madras.  It was March or April in 1970.  I got dropped on Mount Road, now Anna Salai, near Addison , crossed over, took the fork, walked along Thayar Sahib Street into Ellis Road, and turned into Nagappier Street, and slunk into my own street,  Subradral Street, and discreetly knocked the door.  I was admitted into the house.   My father was not at home, and  I came to know he had gone to Poona searching for me.  He met my room mates and co-boarders.  Incidentally there was also a paper news about a boy and girl eloping.  How were they to know I never did have any such romantic notions in my mind then.  After abour three or four days my father returned home a dejected man.  Seeing me brought relief to him which he reacted by mildly tapping me on the head.  For a long time nobody asked me what happened, and slowly by and by I told everything to them.  Thus they all came to know that it was plain timidity, cowardice and stupidity that drove me to my drastic reactions to the situation.

Life gradually settled down to a pattern again, and I started to look out for other jobs.  I had hastily sent in my resignation and was pestering the Department to settle my accounts,  like a demented fool.  Then one of my distant relatives, Mr. Shankar who was a high official in Southern Railway, called me to his office one day.   He dictated one letter  on my behalf to the CDA’s Office, Poona, which his stenographer typed  and brought for me to sign.  He arranged to post it.  However it was too late by then, and my resignation was already accepted and settlement processes were afoot. 

Then on I landed temporary jobs all starting with a starting  salary of  Rs.250.00 uniformly as if they were all conspiring against me.  I settled down in The Madras Race Club Accounts Department, but after six months I left because the Government of Madras brought asuit against it seeking court injunctions to close it once for all.  However, later I learnt that Race Club survived this subversive attempt, and it exists to this day and prospers making many people paupers.

I found a good break with Suraj Agencies, which was the manufacturer’s own agency.  It represented Taparia Tools manufactured in Nasik with collaboration from Ab Bahco, Sweden.  It also represented Permanent Magnets Limited, which is also a sister concern of the Taparia family.  Again I started at Rs.250 per months.  Due to my finickiness I left this organisation to go and work with one of its former employees, and was out on the platform again, in a wink.  Then I again went to Suraj Agencies, but was shown the door because they have already apointed someone in my place, who deserved the  job better than me.  I didn’t know it then, but later I learnt that had I continued on there when I left on a whim, I would have been been appointed as a direct employee of Permanent Magnets Limited with an upwardly revised salary, and on the direct payrolls of PML and not its Agency.  What lousy luck.

It was just some months before I left Suraj Agencies that my old friend Jeelani happened on me.  He had been working with  Road Transport Corporation till the partners of the Company, namely its Chairman and his son fell apart and the staff were also split in the middle.  In the melee, my friend was left in the lurch, a kind of a no man’s land.  I had typed a number of appeals for him all addressed to the Chairman to reinduct him.  Finally he did rejoin.

So to continue, I was looking for a new job and remembered Jeelani who owed me one.He did do me a good turn by providing me with a job as Private Secretary.  I was slightly disappointed though because it was not an office job.  I will now launch on my twenty years’ service as P.A. to an hon’y social worker cum industrial magnate’s wife.  In my next few posts. 


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