Poona tidbits and snippets from my days in 1967-70

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Just before commencing this post, I stumbled upon the Scobleizer Blog, which I found through WordPress Dashboard. My son was surprised that I found it but it was just by pure chance. I have saved it to my favourite blogs. I will give it a once-over now and then. I hear Scobleizer’s is the most popular blog.

I remember everytime I went to the Railway Station either in Madras or in Poona to reserve my train tickets. The counter clerks had those very large booking ledgers stacked one above the other, and just moving them and shuffling them was itself a cumbersome process. All that is old history since ticket counters are now computerised with all services in all the computers. The computers are very fast but some counter staff still manage to be slower than their other colleagues.

One of my fellow lodgers was a very handsome, tall and fair man with cheerful manners. His window faced the neighbour’s window through which their young daughter used to sneak peeks at him. One day he found a folded paper arcing from her window into his window and he saw this cute Hindi couplets written on it

Phool gulab se har dam suha karo; Yaad aaye tho khidki se dekha karo.

which when translated reads as ‘imbibe pleasure from the rose-flower; and look out of window if you remember me.’

He was a gentle giant. once after I returned permanently to Madras, he visited my home and shared our meals with us. The next time I heard about him was through a mutual friend that Santhanam died soon after marrying his uncle’s daughter. He died childless.

Another fellow boarder worth mentioning is an M.A. (Econ.), M.A.(Pol.).   Again in his case I met him a few years later. I learn that his first wife was a close relative of his, an unwilling bride, who had a frank discussion with him, obtained a divorce, and went on to pursue a Medical Course. He remarried later.


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