Old acquaintances remembered

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It came to my mind that I failed to mention about Mr. Subramaniam whose association goes back to my college days in Madras.  There was this family belonging to Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Subramaniam, his wife Mrs.  Bhaskaram and his mother.  They were tenants in my Periyappa’s house.  Whenever I visited my Periyappa’s house, I used to be friends with the family as long as they stayed as tenants there.  They were very nice people.  Mr. Subramaniam was with the Meteorological Survey of India Office on College Road.  I remember their two children.  The boy was called as Babu. a term generally applied to the male child.  I never got to know his name, perhaps it was Ravi.  I don’t remember the girl-child’s name now.  I think they were already born while they were in  Madras. 

Later during my tenure of service in Poona, I renewed my friendship with the family once again.  They lived near my place and I often spent my spare time particularly the evening hours playing a few games with the kids on their  carrom Board.  The girl child was a sweet silent girl and the boy was given to smiling whenever he sees a smile lurking at the corner of my lips.  I don’t remember whether  Mr. Subramaniam’s mother was around then.

After my undue departure from Poona which happened all of a sudden, I never came across them again.  By now if the parents are still around somewhere, they must have mellowed into their ripe old age, and the children must have got married, begot their own children and scattered to different places in all probability.  This was quite a sweet friendship as long as it lasted.

Another family was our neighbours.  I do not remember the details but I distinctly remember one person of the family who though possessed of a stocky body and dark complexion, they were Tamils,  and he sang so well and his imitation of Md. Rafi’s songs were so exquisite and tuneful.  Whenever I see one of the playback singers in Hindi movies, Kavitha Krishnamoorthy, I usually felt there was some blood relation between the two,  may be uncle-niece relationship or so.  It was Jew Street in Rasthapet that I am talking about.  Even the door number of the house I remember as No.81.

These people apart, I recall my fellow boarders in that building, out of whom I particularly remember Suryanarayanan whom we called Suri,  Krishnamoorthy  who had been a teacher earlier, a very short humorous man, A. Ganesan, a double Masters’ Degree holder  even then, and the most handsome of all, Mr. Santhanam, about whom I heard that within a few years after his marriage, he passed away leaving his young wife.  I also remember our landlord whom we knew only as Mr. Guru. 

I remember Mrs. Alamelu and her only daughter Lakshmi.  Mrs. Alamelu was a middle aged widow, and was a stenographer with Burmah Shell.  This family was  my Periyappa’s tenants other tenants  after Mr. Subramaniam’s family.  I liked to hear the lady singing carnatic music which I liked very much.  Afterwards they had moved out, and after a few years I met Lakshmi once when she was married  and had two lovely daughters.  


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