My College Days (continued)

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I received comments from Mr. Bharadwaj on my post ‘My life in Chennai’, regarding The New College.  He had also mentioned that he studied in National High School.  This is a very familiar school as it was near my house, and also because there used to religious discourses and other happenings there in the evenings of which I don’t have much information.

After my graduation, for want of anything better to do, I applied for and got a seat for my Masters Degree course, again in History.  My papers were A Study of History by Arnold J. Toynbee, American History for which I attended classes in Madras Christian College, British Constitution, History of the Sangam Tamils at the University under Professor Subramaniam, Islamic History taught by a Muslim Lecturer or Professor which I don’t remember, for which I used to refer Prof. K. Hitti’s big tome on the History of the Middle East, and Mughal History.  I hope I remembered all the Papers, because I never remembered studying earnestly any of these subjects.  Study of History was a massive book of 13 volumes each running into over a thousand pages, but what I possessed was an abridgement.  I had never really studied the abridged volume at least. 

Our faculty were Mr. Vasudeva Rao, Mr. Prabhakar Rao, Mr. Arivudai Nambi Or Nambiyandar Nambi, I do not remember his name correctly now;, and the Muslim Prof. whom we secretly called SourceAbdullah, all from The Presidency College.  I remember my classmates, Rahmatullah, Omar Khayyam, R.P. Narasimhan who was called Chingu at home by his mother, Miss Radha, Ms. Seetha, Ms. Thilagavathi and Miss Vaidehi.  Later after some years I saw Radha’s obituary in The hindu.

I had a brief contact some years later with Omar Khayyam who married a Professor in The S.I.E.T. College.  I also met Narasimhan once years later, when he was the Group General Manager of the T. Nagar branch of State Bank of India.  We were students of Presidency College where our seniors and alumni included the well known Mr. Habibullah Badsha and Mr. Ram.  Narasimhan had contacts with Mr. Ram in those days, because Narasimhan did his graduation also from The Presidency College.

The famous last words.  I failed utterly in the qualifying examination and have a very big F denoting Failed, in my Certificate. 


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