I found a Friend

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My classmates Ghoorumani and Chandrasekharan were moderate friends and I and Ghoorumani  used to visit each other’s house often. 

But my friendship with Abdul Khader Jeelani was longer.  Apparently his family had seen better days but he was not so well to do during his  college days.  He had exemplary manners, very good at English, had a good voice and was also dark in colour.  He was always lively.  He joined in the History Section first but later opted for Chemistry.  We lost contact after completing our graduation and I could get in touch with him again only after around ten years during which so much happened in my life.

I met Jeelani again after around seven or eight years, and our friendship endured till I heard that he died suddenly leaving his young wife with a baby in arms and his old mother. I knew he had a brother named M.A. Hadi working in State Bank of India.  Jeelani was a good friend and a good person to be with.  May his soul rest in peace.

Another friend and classmate was Abdul Jabbar.  He was a good Muslim and a good man.  He lived near the Minerva Theatre and I had been to his house a few times and he has also reciprocated my visits.  After gradation  we lost contact for a few years and renewed it after a few years, when he was married.  I think he got married to a loved one against the wishes of his family and I saw he was living away from his parents.

Ghoorumani and I continued to see each other without any break for sometime and then he changed residence when we couldn’t contact each other.  Again the friendship was renewed for sometime when he started a tourism office on Mount Road .  I never met his wife and I don’t know the details of his children.

Another classmate was Mohamed Saqui.  All friends liked to visit me at home because my mother cooks well and  she loves it when people like her foods.  Saki parted company with me and only once later he visited me like a bolt out of the blue.  He was wearing a snow white dhoti and shirt and the dhoti bordered in black and red which are the party colours of  the political Party called D.M.K.  He had a long angavastram on his shoulder with an end sweeping the ground.  I remember him saying that he was an M.L.A. or a n M.P. elected from the Graduates’ Constituency. Anyway it was a proud occasion for me.

Chandrasekharan was a rural type and years later when I met him he was running his own blue metal supply business and perhaps owned or drove a lorry.  I, Ghoorumani and Abdul Jabbar attended Chandrasekharan’s wedding when he got married.


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