Call for Prayer

December 24, 2006 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Every morning I hear the Muazzan calling Muslims for Azan.   Muazzan is the  Mosque official who does this duty of calling people for prayer five times a day.  Azan is prayer.  I hope I have corrctly interpreted these two words for you. The most beautiful prayer call I remember hearing is from the movie Lawrence of Arabia.  The caller had no loudspeaker to amplify his voice and his call in the silent desert sounded heavenly.  He was not shouting at the top of his voice nor was there any atonal effect in the delivery of the call.  It was simply a ‘out of this world’  moment.

Early morning before sunrise is a special time.  Though time ticks on in reality, you seem to experience a timeless calmness and peace with the whole world around you sleeping and everything is silent.  Personally I am of the opinion that around  4 in the morning if you are awake and start your day, the angelic atmosphere will work wonders on your metabolism.  You become totally conscious and feel creative and energised.  You will not have any negative thoughts in your mind.  Sports persons, orthodox people amd early morning walkers and joggers  are the ones who utilise this time of the day with best results.

But nowadays life is in the fast lane.  working time for some knows no distinction of day and night.  International travel by flight and overland travel by road and rail involve night time a lot.  Thus it will not be possible for some to rise early in the morning.  But generally most people have a day time work schedule and rest at night.  For them the early morning tonic is available free as a godsend.  every morning brings new hope and opportunities.


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