My Daily Prayers

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For my children’s sake and in continuance of my wife’s daily routine, I water my Tulsi (Basel) plant daily after my bath, I light the lamp in our small Puja Room, and say a few prayers culled from various sources.  Out of this collection of prayers, some I continue for my wife,  some I learnt from my sister Annapoorni – these small prayer lines are actually taught to small kids – and one particular prayer to Goddess Durga was written down and taught to me by our family Purohithar, the late Manicka Sastrigal of Triplicane.  I try to reproduce this sloka here:

Om Namo Baghavate Heramba Madhamoshita  Mama Sankatana nivaraya nivaraya swaha. Durge smrita harasi bheetim asesha janthoho Swasthaihi smrtuta matim ateeva subham dadasi Dharidra dukha bhaya haarini kha thwadhanya Sarvopakara karanaya  sadardha chitta.

I wanted  my Durga prayer to benefit everyone instead of just me.  I wanted to  substitute the plural ‘we’ for the singular ‘I’ in the prayer.  I asked my father in law, Sri  Ramamoorthy  Dixit,  to help me in incorporating the appropriate sanskrit term for ‘we’, and he revised it for me incorporating ‘asmakham’ instead of  ‘mama’.  Now I recite this sloka thus:

Om namo bagavate herambaa madhamoshitaa

Asmaakham sankataana nivaaraya nivaaraya swaha

Durge smritaa harasi bheetim asesha janthoho

Swast aihi smritaa matim ateeva subhaam dadaasi

Daaridhra dukha bhaya haarini khaa thwadanyaa

Sarvopakaara karanaaya sadaardha chittaa.

This prayer is my anchor which I recite almost for every occasion, whether it is while getting up from bed , when I send off  my son and daughter in law  to their office, whenever I receive a phone call, when someone knocks my door, in times of trials and in times of happiness.

Prayer does help and does heal.  Some may get initiated into meditation by their gurus with a key word or mantra.  Some may just recite God’s names or attributes individually or collectively all the time.  Anyway you must have an anchor in life to hold on to because not every one is a saint or a holy man. 

I say my small prayers regularly every morning and remember and  pay my obeisances to my parents  and  communicate with my wife’s soul silently.  I have kept snapshops of my parents, my late mother in law and my wife, and light an agarbhathi on a stand before their photos.  They are in my bedroom where I can see them all the time.

Doing good and being good are healthy attitudes.  when you make people smile it lightens their souls  and  this  gives you peace and tranquility.  Purge negative thoughts and attitudes  from inside you and smile at the world and the world will smile at you. 


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