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These days are very cold here in Hyderabad.  But  this is nothing compared to places like Delhi in India and  all over Europe . My daughter in New Jersey  is also experiencing temperatures ranging from 40 Degrees to 60 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Notwithstanding the climate, I am an early riser and have my cup of hot coffee immediately.  I give my furnitures a once over, dusting them lightly.  I switch on the pc and view the astronomy picture of the day and browse  the days news from  The Hindu ePaper.  I can view  the ePaper free online at present though it will become a subscribers website soon.  I shall enjoy it as long as it lasts and later revert back to  the regular online news services.  I have a wide choice of news services available online and even read online news from  New York Times, The Onion, The Paper Boy, Telegraph, UK, ABC News, CNN, Scotsman, etc., from overseas, and the deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express, Times of India. Most of these I get in my inbox.

Another favourite subject of mine on the web is fine arts like painting, sculpture etc.  I particularly browse great painters’ and sculptors’ works in Web Gallery of Art.  This is a great website.  I also saved Dali websites to browse at leisure.

I read my Yahoo mails also before having my lunch.  I would by now have downed three to four cups of coffee and the whole day will see me through about six or seven cups totally.  This must be shocking to a few people but I have survived with consuming a lot of coffee for a long time.  I have even corrupted many people around me into this habit which I never regretted.  I consider I have only  helped them to keep brisk and alert and motivated and focused.  This is a kind of lopsided philosophy of mine.

After lunch normally I watch a two hour Tamil movie .  I do not sleep during the day time, perhaps I spend some time just lying down.  Otherwise I move about now and then,  and again spend sometime in the afternoon sitting before my pc.  Occasionally I send personal mails to relatives and reply to them whenever they send me mails.

Evenings get a little more livelier, with my daughter in law returning home around  7 and my son driving back home at around 8.30 or 9.  We normally wait for his return to sup together.  Occasionally if he is late we have ours and I turn in and sleep off before he comes home.  Even late at night he will peep into my room to see if everything is alright. This is my normal  day.

When my son and and daughter in law leave for office together, I usually sit and chat with my daughter over Yahoo Messenger Talk or Google Talk, exchanging the days news, how we sustained ourselves that day.  My daughter apparently likes these conversations because I usually evince a lot of laughter from her;  she is given to laughing a lot, and she laughs even if she stumbles and does a somersalt.  It is a good attitude.  You must be able to laugh at yourself.

These days I have been going for an early morning walk, not too early, around 7 in the  morning, just about 20 minutes.  I usually help my daughter by cutting vegetables for cooking.  I am neither busy nor active,  and so I have a lot of free time to spend at leisure.  Most of the time I browse the web without any specific direction.  Sometimes I listen to some classical Indian Music.  My taste for music is not just restricted to Indian Music.  I also like Western Classical.  I have saved my my favourites music websites  like All That Jazz, Classical Music Archives, Kannada Audio, Nada Anuboothi, SAWF archives on Classical Indian Music, Udbhava, Music India online and an umpteen number more.  All these websites gives good music, though these days I have difficulty getting music from Classical Music Archives.

p.s:  Our computer is switched on throughout the day till we all turn in for the day.


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