My Home (continued)

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Yesterday I said I will introduce my uncles and aunties and their families.  I already mentioned about my paternal uncle “Periappa”s family.  I am introducing my maternal relatives now.

My mother, she is no more,  sweet woman,  had two step brothers, three brothers and two sisters.  I had already named  the two step brothers named Umamaheswaran and Meenakshi Sundaram.  Umamaheswaran uncle and auntie died childless and they led a very frugal life with their very limited resources.  Meenakshi Sundaram uncle is no more.  I never learnt auntie’s name but only met her once with  their two daughters.  I presume auntie’s name is Sharada. I have to confirm this.  They had lived an apparently modest life, and were married off thanks to the help and support of my mother’s brother-in-law, Gopalan Mama.

Now,  about my uncle  Sankara mama.  He, Sankaranarayanan and my auntie, mami we call in tamil, but I call her Manni like  my uncle’s siblings  address her,  her name is Malathi, had  four very handsome sons, each accomblished in his own way, and they are Vaidyanathan (I call him Kannan as he is affectionately called at home), Balachandran (Bala to all of us), Venkataraman (Ramani as nicknamed at home) and Deepak.  The family recently lost Ramani. May his soul rest in peace.  Kannan and Balan, though younger to me, were more like friends to me like my cousin Ramaswamy, though  Ramani and Deepak being very young to me were not in my league.    Mami is an accomplished singer and her renderings of Carnatic music always  were always loved and cherished by me.  I remember  particularly her singing “Karanam Kettu Vadi” which is perhaps one of her favourite songs. 

Kannan and Vimala live in their own flat and their younger son Vijay who stays with them, is studying in College.  Karthik is working in Gurgaon and he is doing a very interesting job there.  I must find out more about it from him.  Bala and Girija live in Perambur with their daughter Ramya who is doing her Bachelors’ course and she has  also done all the six courses in German in Max Mueller’s.  Their elder daughter Divya is married and she lives in the States.  Ramani was also married and he died childless.  Deepak and his wife Vidya with their small sons live with Sankara Mama.  I shall have to try to remember the kids’ names.  I remember one as Pranav.  I shall fill in the other child’s name when I edit this later   

Next, my uncle Kitta mama.  He is Krishnamoorthy and Mami is named Meenakshi and affectionately called Muthu kutty by everyone.  Their children, my nephews, and they are  Nagarajan affectionately called Raju at home, and Radha of the big doe eyes.  Nagarajan married Radha and they have two grown up sons and they  stay in Bangalore, though Nagarajan used to shuttle to various branches of his bank for internal audit.  Radha,  her husband  Ambikasaran  and their  son, Ram live with Ambi’s father and their house is in Mandaveli in Madras.  Kitta Mama is the uncle I mentioned who always sits nest to me I was in Madurai, when we had our meals and the one who forced me to eat the brinjal curry.  Now is is humorous to think back but when it actually happened I hated him!  Muthu Kutty mami is also a good singer and I particularly remember her singing  “Paramugamelara” in Kanada Ragam, if I am correct to identify the raga.

Now I come to Dandoo Mama.  He is  Nagasubramanian.  He is my youngest uncle, perhaps about six years or so elder to me.  He lives in Madurai with Mami  Mohana; Oh I had a little difficulty to suddenly recall her name.  They live with their son Raja in Madurai.  He is tall and statesque.  Their daughter Meenakshi is married and lives  with her husband in Bangalore.

My mother’s two sisters are Jayalakshmi and Rajalakshmi.  About Jaya Chithi:  Chithappa Gopalan and Jaya Chitthi live in Mandaveli too.  My cousins are Hariharan, Ravichandran and Uma.  They are all married.   Hari and his wife Dr. Prema, she is Professor in English –  I dont know if she is the Head of the Department of English in her College – and their only son Gokul, also live in Mandaveli.  Ravi’s family also reside on the First Floor in Gopal Chittappa’s house.  His sons are Kaushik and Bharath named after great Rishis.  Uma and  Ramachandran have  a son and daughter. Magesh is now working in Chicago.  Harini is pursuing a bachelor’s course in Electronic Media.

Now my mother’s youngest sister.  She is Rajalakshmi, Raji as we called her in Madurai, and she is just four years elder to me.  Chithappa Narayanan and Raji Chithi live in Tambaram.  Chithappa calls her Rajam.  They have two sons and two daughters.  They had another daughter who passed away in her very early childhood.  My cousins are all married.  Balasubramaniam, whom we all call Balu, lives with his family, which consists his wife Vijaya, and two daughters.  He is a real life hero. He donated one of his kidneys to his father.  Later he himself  underwent a kidney transplant when the other kidney needed to be replaced.  He is a very softspoken and mild person who is universally admired by everyone in our family circle.  Srikanth and his wife with their daughter live with Raji Chithi.  Lakshmi is living in Bombay and Nirmala lives with her husband and children in Tambaram near my Chithi’s house.  That winds up the description  my very close relatives. 


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