An Incident

December 22, 2006 at 9:56 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This is a real life incident which I report in a  timeless anachronic format. There are many people of this sort. There are types and types of people around you. You come across brave, timid, suave, deceptive, truthful, lying, brash, rash and adventurous people.  In this case it is a timid female who was afraid of  her in-laws  She doesn’t come out of her home when people are at home and when they are not there to watch over her, she  moves around  talking to all and sundry and blabbering anything and everything,  whether it is a matter of a personal or general nature.  She is also given to telling lies all the time.

In this particular incident, her cooking gas cylinder was leaking  and sought my help to correct  it.  When I could not solve the problem I suggested to her to tell her husband so that he can fix the problem.  She was so frightedned to talk to her husband.  Even when I suggested to her I  will talk to him myself.  She became  so flustered that she evinced a promise from me that I will never tell him or talk to him.  Such a foolish person  she was that she could not think beyond her nose and see the dangerous situation  that could  even cost her life if  the gas leaked a lot  and caught fire.  Immediately  I disconnected the  connection and asked her at least to call the gas cylinder suppliers to fix the matter.  Fortunately I learnt that the people came and  solved it.

You must always be brave to tell talk the truth . There must be mutual trust in a family and the husband and wife must understand each other well, condone each others weaknesses, follies and foibles, and try to live an agreeable life.  Husband is not an earning machine and wife is not a cooking machine.  Each of the household   has the right to live and lead a pleasant life, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows,  failures and triumphs, views and goals.  There must be no secrets between a husband and wife, and their life must be like an open interesting book to each other that when they think back to any moment, it will always be pleasurable.

P.S.:  Anachronism is an eponym.


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