Shuttling my blog from blogger to WordPress.

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My geek son, the spelling is correct, he is geek not Greek, sat with me early this morning and  guided me to effect the transfer of my blog from Bloggers to WordPress.  He also installed a lot of things to my Blog page which are at present Greek and Latin to me.  For instance he added categories option, changed the look of the page, etc.

My daughter informed me a couple of days ago about her Blog.  But when I actually browsed her Blog, I saw that it was a greenhorn’s efforts and  yet I can see she is capable of  improving and and perfecting it.  On the other hand my son’s Blog, is a totally professionally managed affair with all the frillings and festoons and full of technical stuff  to which I am a total stranger.

 I am thinking, not my original idea, if I can now encourage my younger relatives to  start Blogging.  I have nephews and nieces who are into various fields and professions and it will be a good idea if we can interact  and gain knowledge from each other.  I have my own cousins who are of my generation with their own memories and reflections on life who if they put themselves to it can create  good Blogs.

Earlier I was talking about my life in Madurai.  I remember a teacher  who taught Hindi as well as Chemistry.  He looked like a very  orthodox  type who must have considered in his heart of hearts  that conducting experiments on God’s creations is blasphemy. Anyway, one day during his Chemistry class, he was conducting  an experiment with common salt.  He put some salt crystals in a test tube and heated it over a bunsen burner.  Every time the salt spluttered, he used to be startled and  nervous. He held the test tube at arms length and squinted his eyes  fearing that the salt will pop out and hit his eyes.  At that time it was very humorous to me but later I could surmise that he was an unwilling Chemistry  teacher.

 I was a co-ed from class 1 to 5.  We were all then around 6 to 8 years of age or even less,  and there was this very puny and skinny girl in my class, the very puniness of whose made me a sadist and I used to chase her around, pinch her, pull her hair and generally torment her.  Later after about 15 years later once when I  visited Madurai once, I passed that girl in our neighbourhood and she was now a bloated teenager with no charm at all.  But looks didn’t deter us from having a word or two before parting for ever.  I still remember the school songs after around 50 years.  As a matter of fact I remember a lot of childhood things perhaps because I am a child at heart still or perhaps I am a moron.  I never researched my personality really but my personality quite suited me.  With my personality I could get married raise two adorable offsprings who now think I am the wisest!  dad in the world.

My middle school  was called Madura College School.  It had its back door opening in front of the car park of the Madurai Railway Station.  I have always used  the backdoor to enter and exit the school during the school hours and climb the small door to join others in a game of football during evenings.  As a matter of fact for quite sometime I was unaware that there was a larger main entrance to the school , and even after discovering the main entrance I had never used it much.  Moreover near the front gate I used to find tents of the local nomads called Nari Koravas eating their roasted chipmunks and their womenfolk stringing beads.  A little away from the main entrance  was the Central Bus Stand.

I was fond of standing  on top of the road over bridge looking down on the railway lines leading into and away from the station and the trains and engines going and coming all day.  By the time I left Madurai for good I must have been all of 14 years, unaware that I have entered adolescence.  I may come back to Madurai in my reminiscennces again and again but I will now move on to Madras. This will be in my next post.


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