my new roommate

December 18, 2006 at 10:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

a beautiful black butterfly has taken up residence in my residence a few days ago. just this moment I left my pc to check out if it is still there and it is, peacefully sleeping in my pillows cupboard space. I have developed a sentimental attachment for it assuming that my wife has taken its form to check up whether I am comfortable; if you have read my introductory post, you would see that she is no more, having left us a year ago. I wouldn’t know how long the butterfly will keep company with me. Fortunately for it there are no house geckos in my bedroom to gobble it up.

Age really makes a person mellow and introspective, whatever his past may have been. I have many memories stored in various gray cells. It is sometimes difficult for me to think meaningfully and cogently to work up a continuous flow of ideas and connections. That was the reason I have been hesitating all along before really launching my blog. So it is not really my daughter’s strong arm tactics that started my weblaunch. What she did was just to put in the right prompting at the right occasion which resulted in my blog-writing.

As I said my life had been very mundane uneventful. But anyone will acquire some insights into life as he grows up to be elderly. only a person who has lost the use of all his faculties including the function of his brain will be quite inanimate without any memories which he can express at any time with a little effort at recalling.

while on the subject of losing the use of faculties, I remember with great admiration the lives of Stephen Hawkings and the late Christopher Reeve. These two need no introduction from a nonentity like me. Mr. Reeve,, died at 52, but as his biography will show his handicap didn’t stop him from being mentally alert. Mr. Hawkings,, has motor neurone disability, which doesn’t deter his academic and scholarly activities.

We I think I shall end the post now. Though I have named my blog as Reminiscence, I know it is rather rambling. I think I cannot help it because I am made that way.


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