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December 18, 2006 at 10:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Joy to the world. My daughter twisted my arm to prompt me to start my blog. A self-introduction first.

I am a 60 plus recent-widower. I have an affectionate son and daughter in law who pamper me and a daughter who keeps an eye on me from across the seas. That will suffice for the time being about myself and I shall tell more and more as I post my blogs. I am a total greenhorn to the pc world and I surf the web through most of my waking hours. I am like the ostrich which gobbles up bright objects and I save whatever catches my eyes to my favourites.

I watched a favourite movie on the tv. It is Madhumati , a Hindi Classic movie. Just watching the movie brought nostalgia and tears to my eyes. I have seen a few good old movies, to name a few: A Patch of Blue, Satan Never Sleeps, Casa Blanca.

In my youth I had a yen for reading generally and I have read quite a few good books, mostly novels. I used to visit the American Library regularly in those days to access books on photography, painting, and literature. I am not a very literary person though I used to appreciate good poetry. I could say I read most of the famous authors of around 30 years ago though my reading habit has now waned and I dont read much anymore. I used to purchase and store a lot of second hand books and when our very modest house starts overflowing my late wife used to start nagging me about doing something about clearing the clutter.

I am given to is music. people may not believe if I say I become very emotional and moved to tears when I hear good music, whether it is Indian Classical or Western Classical. Though born into a Hindu Brahmin family in the famous city of Chennai which is the name of the erstwhile Madras city, I grew up to look upon Islam and Christianity without any prejudice. The reason may perhaps be that I am not really very theistic. As a matter of fact one of my classmates used to call me Alex Sheik Narayanan. My student days were not very eventful; as a matter of fact my whole life had been too eventful. Yet I liked those days. I actually meandered through life and my real anchor was my late wife. I shall tell more and more about this and that as I gain more confidence with blogging. Though I have all the time in the world and a casual life style, I am not much given to discipline in anything and hence I will post my blogs in fits and starts.

Christmas and New Year are getting nearer and nearer and I recall my two years’ stint as a First Tenor in the Methodist Church Choir thirty years ago. Those days have whetted my appetite for listening to Western Classical and Church Music., though as I said earlier music has moved me all my life. During my College years I had regularly listened to Western Music on the radio every night around 10 p.m. I think that gene has passed on to my son and daughter who at least listen to music if not trained in it. Well, I shall call it a day now. Hope the fount will not dry for sometime and I will continue my blogs in an ambling way, I hope.


a post script. one of my favourite subjects is astronomy. I have saved a lot of links to astronomy in my favourites and one of them which I visit everyday is the astronomy picture of the day. I read news online from and I never fail to look up obituary, not because of any ghoulish interest but for the fact that I stay no more in Chennai and the local newspaper here in Hyderabad the emerging megalopolis of South India, does not carry Madras obituaries. I may miss out quite a few of the memorials because I dont get to read the ePaper regularly.


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